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From managing product availability to launching in-store digital marketing campaigns, Clerk gives brands an easier way to grow their performance in the real world.

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Picture a more connected retail experience

Our marketing and merchandising platform make it easy to engage customers while also keeping your products in stock and in the right place.

In-store marketing
Customer traffic analysis
Product availability
Category analysis and planning

Get in front of shoppers during every store visit

Our in-store media network, Grocery TV, reaches shoppers in brand-safe spaces and offers detailed campaign reports to inform your strategies.

  • Reach your audience while they're in a shopping state of mind and can readily buy your products.
  • Grow your brand with video advertising in high-quality locations throughout the store.
  • Easily update your campaign creative on our marketing CMS.
  • Improve your bottom line by receiving revenue share of all advertising sold.
  • Share important store updates and information to your customers.
  • Reduce perceived wait time and drive impulse purchases with engaging content.

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Never miss a sale

Our AI-powered platform lets you know which products are out of stock or in the wrong place so you can take action and re-capture lost sales.

  • Improve on-shelf availability with out-of-stock tracking by product, store, retailer, and region.
  • Track planogram compliance to ensure your products are properly placed.
  • Identify product and category trends so you can better serve your customer.
  • Report out-of-stocks and missing products to re-capture lost sales at the front-end.
  • Ensure your store's merchandisers are achieving planogram compliance to increase profitability.
  • Analyze chain-wide data to identify strong and weak performers and share best practices.

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